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Private Label Strengths


Exclusive technology - Tastemorr Snacks elite state-of-art technology and strong R&D team allow us to maintain a strong lead in the industry. We are capable of developing new products to meet customer specific needs with reduced lead-times.

Equipment - Exclusive production equipment, in-depth production expertise, high volume capability, and numerous production lines all make it possible for us to enjoy huge economies of scale and hence low cost, however not compromising on product quality.

Premium ingredients - We use only premium grade ingredients.

Freshest products - We manufacture our products specifically to order to ensure the freshest products at all times. We do not inventory finished products.

Here is why we are number one


Proprietary flavors - We offer our Private Label customers a wide range of our own proprietary flavor profiles which are continually being developed in-house. This serves to reduce the normal lead-time in product development. When you work with us, we can and will get your products to market faster.

Product match - Tastemorr Snacks guarantees every product matches that of the national brand(s), though more often than not, our set quality parameters exceed the national brand(s).

Quality control - Our stringent manufacturing process and tight quality control mandates, ensure consistent excellence in quality and the lowest possible product breakage in the industry.

Service - We offer full service, from artwork conceptual, to product development to your specific requirements, to the finished product. We are able to expedite the program development process in the quickest, most accurate and efficient manner. We employ in-house artists who are experienced and familiar with this specific industry.

Kosher Certified - We have the capability to meet all kosher certified product requirements. Almost every product we offer is kosher certified with the Orthodox Union.

Certification - Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control standards have contributed to our “Superior” rating with AIB (A.I.B. denotes- American Institute of Baking…) for the past several years in a row. View our certifications

Stringent measures - Our facility adopts very stringent measures to prevent cross contamination particularly with products normally considered major allergens.


Experience - Our long experience in the Private Label business allows us to provide you with valuable knowledge and guidance on the nuances of this particular market sector. Let us provide the guidance to ensure the success of your product launch.

Sales and marketing experience - Our sales and marketing personnel are well experienced in all aspects of sales and distribution both nationally, as well as internationally.

Convenient location - Our convenient geographic location allows us to efficiently ship our products economically to most major markets in North America with short lead times.