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About Us

We offer retailers and merchants the opportunity to offer their customers a Private Label Health Snack program supported by a manufacturer with over 25 years of experience and excellence. You can feel confident knowing we will provide you with everything from the initial conceptual art, all the way through to marketing a finished product.

Our experience in the industry, in-depth production expertise, high volume capabilities and numerous production lines, provide us with generous economies of scale, thereby keeping our costs low and allowing grocers the benefit of higher margins coupled with competitive retails.

Being the largest private label and co-pack manufacturer of rice and corn cakes in North America, we have developed efficient and effective systems of manufacturing. In our continued pursuit to provide value to our retail partners and their customers we strive to cut unnecessary costs and waste to keep our pricing low.

As the demand for healthy snacks continues to grow, we match or in most cases, exceed the national brands in customer satisfaction. You can also count on Tastemorr Snacks for quick R&D turnarounds on new item development.

Timely arrival of products is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we ship your orders to you with short lead times and prompt, dependable deliveries. You can also take advantage of our flexible order minimums and as your sales continue to grow, we are confident that minimum quantities will become a non-issue.

Our Range of Products

Tastemorr offers a wide array of high-quality, healthy snacks including:

Tastemorr Range of Products
"We specialize in healthy snacks!"